Cancer log 23: We told…

Cancer log 23: We told Kavi last night, in a fairly casual way. (We were definitely more stressed by it than she was.) We weren't sure at first that we'd tell her at all, but she's a smart cookie (age 7), and was noticing that mommy was going to the doctor a lot.

So the basic gist: the doctor found some disease in mommy's cells that made a little lump (she knew about red blood cells and white blood cells, we were informed). And the hospital was going to give mommy medicine to fix it, but it was going to take about six months and a lot of hospital visits, so Aunty Kat might be babysitting more often. Mommy was probably going to be extra tired, and the whole family would need to help out. Kavi seemed worried for a moment at the beginning (I suspect she might have started worrying about whatever was going on previously, because as I said, smart cookie), but quickly calmed down entirely.

That's as far as we went for now; if my hair starts falling out with the chemo (likely), we'll talk about that then. And the surgery discussion can wait too. Haven't discussed any of this with Anand yet, but he's only 5, and is mostly oblivious to anything that doesn't involve Minecraft right now. And that's where we are.

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