Morning, folks. Right…

Morning, folks. Right now, curry and tea with Nashville. It's a ridiculous show, but I'm addicted. The kids are going to stay home today because it's too cold, which is, perhaps, an indicator that I should've had Kevin take that Oxford job when we had the chance. But then I wouldn't have my big, pretty house -- housing prices are much higher in Oxford. Choices, choices. I have friends coming over for writing day, so my slightly complex plan is:

7 - feed kids breakfast
7:20 - send them up to hang out upstairs with electronic devices for the morning
7:30 - go do follow-up ultrasound to find out if I need another biopsy
9:00 - if done (which it should be), stop at grocery store on way back and pick up some snacks for writing day; if not done yet, skip that
9:30 - be back to meet Valya​, Julie​, Mary Robinette​, and Amanda​ for writing. Which will first be an hour or two of working on WisCon Chronicles, but I am very hopeful that I will actually get to writing, which I am CRAVING at this point. Also get Mary Robinette's advice on sewing project.

The day gets much simpler after that -- write until 1 or 2-ish, and then hang out with the kids in the afternoon, helping Kavi with homework, playing non-electronic games with Anand. Put away laundry, water plants, putter. Should be nice.

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