I’m going to be out of…

I'm going to be out of town for Valentine's Day, so Kev and I are having an early dinner out tonight. Which makes me think that actually, this has been a reasonably lovely Valentine's season -- we got some friends together to make truffles two weekends ago, I've been wearing pink and red when I go in to teach my classes the last two weeks, there are hearts scattered around the house, Kavi's been making handmade cards for her class all week, and I'm looking forward to nice dinner tonight at a restaurant that won't be jam-packed with couples trying desperately to be romantic.

Maybe this is something of a remedy to having Valentine's Day itself be, as it often is, disappointing -- spread the affection around and treat it more like Christmas, as a holiday season. Or at least like your birthday week. :-)

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  1. Many, many people will be thinking of you and wishing good things for you in the coming days and months. I’m sure you know that, and I hope you will occasionally benefit from knowing it.

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