Quiet morning — it’s…

Quiet morning -- it's been a somewhat stressful week, so I've been self-medicating today with tv and knitting. Watched the first two episodes of Fresh Off the Boat -- the immigrant experience of Taiwanese-Americans in Florida is not exactly the same as that of Sri Lankan-Americans in Connecticut (a decade or so earlier, I think), but there are enough similarities to resonate. Was vaguely amused. The mom feels sort of halfway between my mother and me, which is simultaneously charming and wince-inducing. I'll keep watching.

The knitting progresses -- one skein down, and you can start to see what the shape of this garment might look like. I don't think I made any terrible counting mistakes, but if I did, so be it -- it's for me, and I'm not that picky a gift recipient. I have knitter friends who would rip out an entire sweater if they found a mistake in the first row; that is never going to be me. Good enough, onward! Not a bad motto for life, should I decide I need a new one.

Now, cooking a black tamarind-pork curry while the children play outside on a surprisingly warm day; when they get tired and come in, I'm going to hand them off to Kevin for more Minecraft and go take a long walk. The treadmill is less than enticing when it's sunny and nice out. Forty-five degrees is practically balmy. :-)

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