Well, I trekked in, as…

Well, I trekked in, as did about half my students (in each class), and we had a really good discussion of a few scenes in Passage to India and started work on their papers, so I think it was worth having class despite the weather. It was actually reasonably pleasant walking to the train -- bright and sunny. Definitely a noticeable workout, though, and made me realize my health / wealth privilege once again.

Firstly, it would have been entirely impassable in a wheelchair (our bit of sidewalk is done, but lots of folks only shoveled a narrow walk, and some hadn't shoveled yet at all), or even with a stroller. But even if you have no such equipment, it was a strenuous aerobic workout just trudging through two miles of somewhat shoveled snow. There have been times in my life when I was in poor enough physical shape that I would have been exhausted and weepy by the end of it, I think. Especially the semesters when I was teaching while very pregnant. Lately, I've been exercising quite a bit, so it was fine. Also, I could afford waterproof tall boots and other warm items of clothing, unlike some of the poor souls I saw out shoveling in their sneakers.

What's that they say? Privilege is a smooth road? A smooth road that didn't get several inches of snow dumped on it the previous day, apparently.

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