Someone asked me…

Someone asked me recently if the Fitbit actually gets me to walk more. Yes, definitely. Today was a good example -- aside from walking Anand to preschool, I basically sat at my computer all day. Very productive work-wise, but by 8:30 p.m., I hadn't even done 6000 steps. (In a normal day, I hit 10K just wandering around, and 12-13K if I make any effort.) The little Fitbit graph was very dispiriting -- a bit of a spike at preschool time, and then basically flat all day. Boo.

So I groaned a little, and then went down and walked on the treadmill (while watching Bomb Girls) for forty-five minutes. Now my Fitbit is much happier with me, at a little over 10K, there's a nice spike on the end of the graph, and I feel better in my body too.

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