Okay, plan for today. …

Okay, plan for today. Get Anand fed and to preschool. 8:30 - 12:30, turn off Facebook, get some writing done. Kat and hopefully Amanda will come by to work with, and maybe Jontisha too, with my new author photos??

(How often should one re-do author photos anyway? It's been three years since Alberto Yez did my last set, and I could've just gone on with those, but I dunno -- I feel oddly different than I did three years ago. They don't feel as representative anymore as I think author photos should ideally be. Of course, some writers are still using photos they took twenty years earlier, so...)

Editing first, actually -- I'm going to start putting the actual Chronicles manuscript together, even though there are still some holes in it. It'll give me a sense of the overall word count / shape, so I can finalize decisions on a few pieces I'd like to include, but might not have room for. (Thank you for your patience, those still waiting!)

After that, I'd like to do at least a scene on the novel. There are a couple of short stories I'd like to draft too, but those may have to wait 'til Thursday. This afternoon, course prep / grading / errands. Should be a good day.

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