We’ve finally instituted…

We've finally instituted automated time limits on the kids' electronics, which we've been meaning to do forever, to avoid arguments about whether it's time for the screens to go off -- Kavya is having no trouble, but Anand has been in tears for much of the past two days. It's been something of an adjustment.

On the other hand, he was bored enough that morning that he wanted to head off to preschool forty-five minutes earlier than I normally take him, which meant I've had enough peaceful alone time to take out trash and recycling, haul the last of the outdoor Xmas decor down to the basement, and am now contemplating dusting the basement windows. (Yes, I'm mad, but I've been meaning to get to it for a while now...)

I did promise Anand that I'd talk to Daddy about maybe adding in a little more time for after he gets home from school, because he was SO distressed that he'd used all of today's time already. Small steps.

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