So, I said I wanted more…

So, I said I wanted more Sri Lankan-flavored low-carb, high-protein food, so I decided to experiment. This is not that, but it is quite yummy, and now that I have a batch of green chili sambol made up, I'm going to try it in a wrap and/or salad tomorrow, I think. This is a great quick lunch at home, assuming you've grilled a bunch of shrimp in advance (I do a pound, and then throw it into things all week), and have a batch of green chili sambol in your fridge. Just take two minutes to toast your naan, assemble, and eat!


Green Chili Naan, Topped with Grilled Shrimp and Fresh Mango
(makes two light servings (200 calories each), or one hearty one (400 calories))

2 T (or to taste) green chili sambol
2 oz. chopped mango
3 oz. grilled shrimp
1 slice naan
cilantro to garnish

1. Toast naan, and assemble open-face sandwich. Would also make a cute appetizer in smaller portions, though a bit messy as mango bits fall off.


Green Chili Sambol
(makes roughly 2 cups, keeps for a long time in the fridge)
(200 calories / cup, about 15 calories / T)

1 c. grated coconut (unsweetened; if dry, reconstitute in a few T of hot milk)
2 medium onions
6 small green Thai chilies (more or less, to taste)
1 slice ginger
2 T lime juice
1 tsp. salt
dozen or so curry leaves

Chop coarsely, and then puree all ingredients in blender with about 1/8 c. water.


I was out of cilantro, so it's garnished here with a bit of kale, but that is just for the photo's sake. :-) The kale was unseasoned, so I took it off before eating! But you could probably do a layer of kale under the shrimp if you wanted. Or, if you want to make it richer, I am pretty sure some slices of avocado would taste great with this! May make it again soon, with avocado and cilantro, so I can photograph (and taste) it properly. :-)

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