Virtual writing day! Kat…

Virtual writing day! Kat is over at my house, and we're planning to work together until 1-ish, so I'm turning off Facebook until then to avoid temptation. Feel free to join us! (I think group writing is going to be Tues and Thurs mornings this semester.)

My plans are to a) finish responding to Tiptree anthology e-mails, because that's urgent, then b) go through all my workshop print-outs and implement edits on the novel so far.

Flight is now done with parts 1 & 2, and up to 41,000 words, roughly. I'm thinking it'll be about 100-120K in the end, so I'm maybe a third of the way through? We'll see! I may not get to drafting new material today, but I'd ideally like to get down at least the first scene of part III. Our heroine will be stumbling into a mob riot -- should be interesting.

Paragraph from the last scene I wrote, end of Part II:

"You went away. That was what they said, that when it happened, you went away, put your soul in a box and sent it out, journeying on the salt sea. She had never seen a sea, though daddy had promised her one. He had kissed her and said that one day, he would take her away, on a ship that could Jump from one world to the next. Just he and she, on a grand adventure. Mummy wouldnt understand, wasnt the sort to enjoy an adventure. Mummy liked to clean the house, wanted everything neat and tidy, and she didnt understand that sometimes, a girl needed to be a little wild, go a little further than was allowed..."

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