I’ve showered and burned…

I've showered and burned a stick of sandalwood incense, and am settling down to edits on the WisCon Chronicles anthology. I hope to send responses to all current submitters this morning. If you're still interested in submitting, please query me ASAP -- so far, I have nothing that addresses disability or queer/trans issues, in particular. After that, I'd like to shift to editing the novel-in-progress, if the children allow.

So far, they're well occupied with Minecraft, which has taken over the house -- they like to build worlds for each other to play in, with houses full of beds so we can all come sleep over. Kavya has a castle where each of us has a bedroom, and it has a tower, a flower garden, and swimming pool with diving board. I haven't done much myself, but I did build a little house with a crenellated castle top (Anand is worried that since it's open, the spiders can get in), and a nice lava pit in front, to trap monsters. (There's a sign warning guests: Beware lava!)

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