Exercise / diet talk,…

Exercise / diet talk, skip if it's not your thing!

Since started concentrated walking (10-15K steps daily) and calorie restriction (about 300 calories fewer daily, starting half a week ago), I've lost 1 pound in the last week, and 1% of body fat. The dress that I bought a week ago that was a bit tight now fits notably better, and I'll be wearing it to work today. Not dramatic changes, nor radical ones. Just aiming for slow and steady improvement.

I really really like seeing the little chart measuring body fat decrease by tiny increments daily. 39.9%, then 39.8%, then 39.5%, now down to 38.9%. Even though the changes are minute, and there are days that just hold steady, there is a measurable downward trend.

I'm finding it very helpful to eat mostly the same meals (fewer decisions = fewer opportunities to make unhealthy decisions, also less math needed!), to include a goodly amount of healthy fat and protein (helps to feel satiated, for longer), and to include foods that feel luxurious. Lox is expensive, relatively speaking, but just an ounce of it on a toasted mini-bagel, with a triangle of Laughing Cow cheese, feels really decadent, especially if I add some capers and cherry tomatoes. That sense of luxury and food-pleasure helps keep me from being as cranky about calorie-restriction.

I do still have to remind myself that it's okay to be a little hungry for part of the day, especially just before bed, when there's a temptation to get up and go find something to fill my stomach. There's a part of my brain that gets panicky when I'm hungry, that immediately wants to go find something to shut that sensation off. I need to consciously remind myself that a little mild hunger right now will not actually hurt me, no matter what my hind-brain thinks!

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