Okay — it’s a new year,…

Okay -- it's a new year, time for a new experiment. I've set up a Patreon account, with the goal of getting myself to start every morning with coherent writing. If at least one person subscribes (at $1 / month), then I'm going to have to commit to this, and Jed already said he was going to, so I guess I'm in. Feeling nervous, but also excited.

Patreon isn't project-based, like Kickstarter -- it's more about supporting an artist on an ongoing basis. Being a patron of the arts, in a very low-key sort of way. If you've liked my writing, and think it's worth $12 over the course of 2015, here's a way you can concretely help keep me writing.

I'll write a poem or a recipe, or a scene, or something, at least three times a week (but no more than daily), and whatever it is will be e-mailed directly to patrons. We'll see how it goes! I am going to try not to spam the internet with notes about this, but will likely post a reminder periodically, at least for a bit.

I don't have specific goals for what I'll do with the funds, but if any significant amount comes in, probably the first thing I'll do is hire Neha and Kat to work with me for a bit longer, helping me to update my website, which is in sore need of attention. I have some money set aside for that already (because really, the situation is dire -- it's been updated once since I started it in 1995), but it would be great if I could pay them to work on it longer, in a more thorough manner.

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