Plan for the new year…

Plan for the new year includes more reading of books, so I'm going to try to block out an hour for reading from 4-5 today. The teetering book stacks are starting to bug me -- I think I want to switch to more ebooks / audiobooks going forward, but to do that, I'd like to winnow down the print books that are already in the house.

I managed to finish _Rupetta_ last week -- I picked it up because I really loved the author's Tiptree-receiving speech, but then it lingered for long, long time, because the opening is, I'm afraid, confusing and slow. Once I got into the book, I really loved it -- it's a deep and thoughtful exploration of motherhood and political history and steampunk and religion and love and what makes us human. (Benjamin Rosenbaum, I think you might particularly like this book.) It ends on an odd and somewhat unnerving note, so while I'd still recommend it pretty strongly, I'd do with the caveat of the beginning and end being....odd.

Next up, _This is Shyness_, a YA with wolf boy. I started it, and I have the weirdest feeling I've read this before. But am enjoying it anyway.

Laundry in progress (passed off much of task to Kevin, which is a good way of getting it done). Dishes done. Dealt with urgent academic e-mail. Dealt with horribly behind task that's been hanging over my head guiltily for months, making me feel panicky every time I thought of it. Whew. Had lunch, and now off to run errands with Karina for a few hours. Then reading. Good good.

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