Yesterday, Kevin and I…

Yesterday, Kevin and I were pretty knocked down with head colds, so we took it super-easy. Spent most of the day resting. All thanks to Jed, who provided food for the beleaguered household (takeout from a coffeeshop for breakfast/lunch and Thai for dinner). We also played a lot of board games with Kat and Karina -- two rounds of Pandemic, Lost Cities, Tsuro, Family Business.

Am feeling somewhat better today -- have managed to actually clean my kitchen thoroughly, so that's good. It was driving me nuts. Plan for the day -- get groceries, because we're almost out of bread and milk (which is a bit panic-inducing), and also so I can cook (I'm tentatively thinking a Thai red lentil curry, to supplement the leftovers from yesterday, and maybe a sweet potato thing).

This afternoon, go see Into the Woods with Jed @ 1; if I'm feeling up to it, we'll walk to and from the theatre, because my Fitbit is really mad at me after yesterday's lack of movement. I try to explain that I'm sick, but it doesn't understand. Silly device. And then in the late afternoon / evening, more resting, maybe some reading, and probably board games. Jed offered to teach me Dominion.

I like this 'vacation' thing. We should all do this more often.

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