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People are talking about New Year's resolutions. I think I've only once made a New Year's resolution that actually stuck -- at some point after having kids, I made a resolution that I would try to cut up fresh fruit for them every day. It's something my dad did often for our family, and we always appreciated it. But I rarely ate fresh fruit (that required slicing up) as an adult, because I was lazy.

So anyway, I made an effort, and did it close to daily for a while, and while I don't do it strictly daily anymore, I do it quite frequently -- several times a week, I think. And I think it's good for me, and good for my family. One thing that made it easier is that I invested in small, dishwasher-safe cutting boards -- having three of those made it much more likely that it wouldn't feel like a lot of extra work to slice up the fruit. I also slice up a lot more raw veggies now -- before dinner, I often put out sliced red bell pepper, avocado, cucumber, all veggies my kids like snacking on. They're less likely to just gorge on mac-and-cheese then. :-)

So there you go -- hope that's helpful!

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