So far today, I woke up…

So far today, I woke up at 2 a.m. for no good reason (boo!), wrote 1600 words (yay!), failed to get back to sleep (boo!), watched a rather charming 200th episode of Bones, an homage to the 50s detective show (yay!), got two cheerful children off to school in good time (yay!), met Roshani for a 45-minute walk for exercise / chat (yay!), went to the grocery store and bought most of the food for tomorrow's party (yay!), got a call from Kavi's school saying she'd thrown up and needed to be picked up (BOO!), picked her up and took her to the doctor and waited two hours until they could fit us in (boo!), got patient and thoughtful treatment from Kavi's doctor (yay!) and was reassured that she's really quite sure it's just the standard stomach bug (yay!), took Kavi to buy a consolatory fairy music box (yay!) because three weeks of being sick, off and on, is pretty hard on a little girl (boo!) along with a few tiny stocking gifts (yay!), and came home to cancel and reschedule tomorrow's party (boo! I guess, although I suppose this means some people who couldn't make tomorrow might make next Saturday instead, so also yay!).

The real question is whether I will hold out on the Oberweis eggnog until the party, now that it's a week later. I think so, because it will last better if I don't crack the seal. But now, lunch. I think it's been ten hours since I last ate or drank anything, and I'm about to fall over.

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