I have friends coming…

I have friends coming for writing and lunch today, so I ought to be cooking. But the weather is mild now, and will be dropping rapidly over the course of the day -- I have about a two hour window before it gets chilly out. So I'm going to delay cooking so I can both finish packing up the dahlias and yes, get a few more bulbs in the ground. I know, it's ridiculously late to be planting bulbs, but hey, if I have one more warm hour to squeeze in a few more, you know I'll be happy for it in spring. Going to try anemones, which I haven't planted before; we'll see how they go!

I know -- Smith and Hawken make beautifully-designed (and functional) garden objects. They're only in Target stores right now, I think, but if the economy improves, maybe they'll get to open their stores again.

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