Still recuperating. I…

Still recuperating. I realized that I spent most of yesterday quietly angry, because I was no longer so sick as to be entirely focused on my misery, but was still too sick to accomplish anything (without making myself sicker). I am a terrible sick person, and not much better as a recuperating person. My bed is very cozy, but after three days confined to it, I kind of hate it.

When did I become so accomplishment / to-do-list - oriented? When did I become so bad at just lying in bed and watching tv? I was really good at lounging around watching tv in college, and for several years thereafter...

I *want* to run a ton of errands today, paint the playroom, and rake the yard. Instead, I am going to turn off Facebook for a few hours, sit in a chair, and quietly either write or respond to e-mail. Because that is all the work I am allowed to do. If I am very good about that, I may allow myself to run one small errand at lunchtime. And then back to my chair.

At least I get to sit upright in a chair today, instead of being flat on my back in bed. Small blessings.

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