Kat and I stepped into a…

Kat and I stepped into a consignment store briefly, to look for a piece of furniture she needed, and I walked out with china. It's a curse, I tell you.

But in my defense, the pieces were utterly delightful, and are valued at something like four times what I paid for them, and they will get plenty of use at my tea parties. I found a tray, creamer, sugar bowl, and coffeepot, all for about $30 together, and it looks like the individual pieces sell for more like $30 each. (I am not normally an antique-hunter, but I can see how people get the bug.) The coffeepot is missing a lid, but I will use it for my tea parties anyway. The tea doesn't really sit around long enough to get cold.

Mostly, I'm just delighted with the pieces -- fantastical hot air balloons and flowers, in whimsical colors -- particularly funny since I'm planning to paint something similar in the children's playroom (with stencils, fewer colors, and decidedly less skill). I wouldn't call it steampunk, but there ought to be a name for this style. Steamgarden? Hmm...

The line is Villeroy & Boch, Le Ballon, and apparently was discontinued years ago. I don't love all the pieces in the line, but I may try to hunt up the pickle dish, which is also delightful.

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