Is it a terrible idea to…

Is it a terrible idea to have a separate site for a book series? (Separate from your main author website?)

Background -- my main site has my real name, and is very high on Google rankings, so I am loathe to give it up. But it is also blocked by a number of SafeSearch sites, because in the early days of the internet, those of us writing anything sexually explicit often opted-in to those services. It's going to be long, slow, perhaps impossible to get my main site off those listings. But I would really like people on nanny'd computers (like a lot of high school and college students, and public employees) to still be able to read my blog, etc., esp. as I try to ramp up material in the SF series (currently just one novella and one short story, but hopefully a big fat book series soon, and more short stories between now and then).

So the solution I'm contemplating for now, at least, is to set up a separate site for the SF series material, mirror my blog there, and start building its own separate audience. I'd probably also include my other SF/F stories somewhere on that site, so the Wild Cards superhero fiction, various other short pieces. I'd keep the two sites pretty intertwined, with different 'looks', but with some coherence in design, so it wouldn't be too jarring to shift between them.

This is all frustratingly ironic, esp. given how tame my writing is compared to oh, 50 Shades of Grey and tons of other stuff that has become mainstreamed over the last twenty years, but I suppose this is part of the price for at one point living on the bleeding edge. Interesting.

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