I think we can declare…

I think we can declare Kavya is all-better -- she is currently reading Anand his second bedtime book (first was Put Me in the Zoo, the second is Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs, both excellent titles). I sat with them for the first, but they're both ridiculously cheerful and I am exhausted, so I've taken myself to my bed. I seem to have caught a low-grade version of this thing myself; am hoping that I can go into campus tomorrow for Karen's talk, esp. as I have a form there that requires my in-person realio trulio signature, but we'll see. My stomach does not love me right now. But mostly, I am thankful that Kavi is all-better, because I can hear peals of Anand laughter coming down the stairs. As flu-type things go, this could have been much worse.

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