In Sri Lanka, houses are…

In Sri Lanka, houses are often just covered in bougainvillea. I had a bougainvillea plant, years ago, but during the transition to the new house, we didn't have anywhere good to keep tropicals, and most of mine died, including the bougainvillea. I am almost out of room for tropical houseplants (we have limited sunny windows), but I managed to squeeze out space for one last plant, and yesterday, I found this one on sale, half-price, for $15. Which, I can tell you, is a total steal.

It was rather shaggy and full of random spiky tendrils, but I added this gothic trellis (also $15, on Amazon), tied it up and pruned it to shape. V. happy with the result. Now I just need to find a good pot to transplant it into (which will likely cost more than the plant and trellis combined, ah well -- if only I had a potter's wheel and a kiln.).

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