Came home last night to…

Came home last night to find my paperwhites in bloom. First sign of winter oncoming, but at least it's a lovely one. Pictured here is a) detail, b) second set that I started just before I left town, and c) one at full height to give you a sense of how tall they get.

If you haven't done paperwhites before, they're SUPER-easy. Hardware stores, grocery stores, garden stores and Amazon all carry the bulbs, for about $5 - $15 (depending mostly on how many you get). Put them in a pot or a glass dish with pebbles. (Maybe another $10-$15 to buy those?) Add water to reach the bottom of the bulb (if you cover the bulb with water, it'll rot). Put it in a sunny spot and leave it alone. Check on the water level every few days, and top it up if needed, but odds are, it'll be fine -- the roots will grow down into the water. In 3-4 weeks, flowers!

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