I’ve had the Fitbit Flex…

I've had the Fitbit Flex for a few weeks now, and I meant to report back, so here goes. It hasn't done anything for me re: weight loss -- I've been walking a lot more (almost half again what I was doing previously), but I've also been eating more, because I get hungry more, so it all seems to be evening out in that department. For me, it is not a magic weight-loss device.

But, as noted above, I'm walking a *lot* more than I was. And as a result, I feel healthier, stronger, more, dare I say it, fit. I've been able to do more in a day, without getting tired, most days. (Yesterday I was oddly exhausted all day, but I think that was an outlier.) In general, I would like to be a stronger, fitter, sportier person than my normal couch potato self. So in that respect, the Fitbit is a rousing success. (My clothes also do seem to fit a bit better than they did two weeks ago.)

Also, I just like it. Checking in on the little counter a few times a day is pleasing to me, as I watch the little numbers climb, and at age forty-three, keeping an eye on my health seems like it should perhaps be something of a priority. I enjoy the mild competitive aspect too. Despite having a low day yesterday, I'm still (just barely) at the top of the leaderboards with my friends for the past week's average. I admit it, I like to win. So that aspect of the interface really works for me too. And the wristband is loose and comfortable enough that I don't notice it most of the time, and being able to just leave it on for days at a time makes me much less likely to forget to wear it.

Overall, strongly recommend, as long as you understand what it likely will and won't do.

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