Whew. New story…

Whew. New story drafted, 5100 words, a sequel to The Stars Change and "Communion," same universe as the new novel. I think I like it. :-) We'll see how I feel tomorrow, when the rush of finishing has worn off.

I basically wrote all day today, roughly 9-5 (a bit of painting in the morning, a bit of raking in the evening). It felt good, but was also exhausting. I do want to be writing more in the next year (that was the whole reason for quitting a third of the day job), but I think I'm not actually up for writing 9-5, every day. It makes my brain hurt!

Luckily, tomorrow is a teaching day. Unluckily, I still have to make up a mid-term exam before tomorrow. Ah well! Things will slow down at some point

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