Plan for the day…

Plan for the day included attending a fascinating-sounding colloquium by Ronak Kapadia -- a plan totally derailed by Kavya's 8:15 eye doctor appt. lasting 'til 11:45. Sigh. I just dropped her at school and came home, to eat something and breathe for a moment, before turning around to go back to her school for the 2 p.m. conference with her teacher. (Nothing serious, just the standard fall conference.)

And then swing by optician, let her pick out glasses for new prescription (Kavi's right-eye astigmatism has gotten slightly worse in the last year, it seems), and then bring her home to enjoy her consolatory cupcake (she did *not* enjoy the stinging drops in her eyes) while I bend over a stack of grading for the rest of the day; I promised one class their papers back by tomorrow.

Heh -- I mistyped grading and autocorrect changed it to gardening. I have changed it back. I WISH, autocorrect. I wish. Also on the docket for today, prepping tomorrow's class on Uncle Tom's Cabin. That should beinteresting.

Kevin leaves today for ten days on the East Coast doing sabbatical-like stuff. Let's all take a moment to hope the children are kind to me. On the plus side, Jed is arriving Sunday for a week-long visit, so I'm only solo parenting for a few days. Hooray for poly. :-)

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