Autumn photos. My house…

Autumn photos. My house framed by yellow leaves, fall crocuses coming up, a glorious huge white dahlia.

The reward for raking leaves is taking photos afterwards. Fall crocus, opened. Toad lilies -- the leaves have gone quite brown, which is a shame, because the flowers are still gorgeous; I wonder whether it's because I didn't water them enough when I first put them in. Siskiyou disappeared for a while, but it's come back now with the splendid weather we've been having. This pale yellow dahlia is so not my color (it came as part of a mix), and I have lots of them, so will be giving them away this fall.but I may keep just one, because the way the petals curl so wildly remind me of an alien. This dahlia up against the fence ended up much more sprawling and thin-stemmed than the others; I'm curious whether it's due to the variety, or because it's planted in a notably shadier spot. Guess I'll find out next year, when I plant it somewhere else.

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