I am having local desi…

I am having local desi artists over for a potluck @ 1 today, and I'm just bewildered, because I am not frantically cooking. I mean, I'm going to make two quiches (one broccoli-cheddar, one green chili-onion), and some curried mushrooms, but if we're eating @ 1, I don't need to start that until 11:30. There are strawberries, but I can clean those while the quiches are baking, and Kevin baked homemade bread last night, but all I need to do for that is remember to take the butter out. Mimosas require no prep in advance, ditto tea.

How can I be having people over and not be frantically cooking? Something is *wrong* here. I am deeply suspicious of this whole 'potluck' notion.

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