About six (?) months…

About six (?) months ago, Kat gifted me these birdie decals from IKEA. It is a testament to how rarely my mudroom is clean enough to photograph that it has taken me this long to post pics of them. They are v. cheery.

Now, I just have to find something to plant in those little white planters (also from IKEA). Ideally, something that will a) trail down, and b) require almost no watering, as I forget to water the herbs I've tried there before, and then they die, and are sad. And cheap would be nice too, since I have seven pots -- otherwise, I'd be tempted to hunt for trailing orchids. Thoughts welcome.

The real trick will be to not let the space fill up with boxes waiting to be recycled again. Those are my nemesis.

One thought on “About six (?) months…”

  1. I think you should stick some floral oasis/Styrofoam in the bottom of your holders after first making some beautiful homemade flowers/leaves to stick in them. Or try your hand at seasonal arrangements of non-living material. They’re in a terrible location to remember to water and even cactus want water sometimes…..

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