Just spent an hour…

Just spent an hour sorting Anand's clothes, pulling out the ones he's outgrown, shifting from short-sleeves and shorts to warmer gear. I am on the one hand pleased that we've managed to find him a fairly colorful and cheerful wardrobe, with plenty of dragons, sailing ships, and other charming accoutrements. He even has pants in bright orange and in dark red!

But I continue annoyed at how much effort it was to pull that together, and how hard I had to work to avoid garbing my son entirely in olive drab and navy blue, in military and sporting themes.

If Anand actually had an interest in sports, that might be something, but he has much stronger passion for video games. Might we take, oh, a third of the clothing dedicated to sports teams and change the theme up just a bit? That would be lovely.

This seasonal rant brought to you by Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, and Target. I will grant that Gymboree often does better, but they are notably farther away from us.

And of course, the boutique stores have tons of terrific and charming options, but I am trying not to spend more on his clothes than the budget of a small nation.

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