Y’all know that I’m…

Y'all know that I'm pretty extroverted, right? But apparently, not so much lately. I'm not sure what it is exactly -- I suspect mostly wanting to write. Maybe? But for some time now, I've been feeling a strong introverted sensation. I'm still fine teaching my classes -- I can switch 'on' for that, and even enjoy it. And still happy to be with my family, thankfully. And I think I will even enjoy an occasional potluck or other social outing. But I am sometimes getting oddly cranky around other people.

So for my friends -- if I kind of ignore you for a month or two, mostly, I hope you don't take it personally. I am longing for some silence. I think I need to be alone with my books and my words and my garden and my head. And if I don't make that happen, then I may end up biting someone else's head off. Which would be bad.

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