Mary Anne update,…

Mary Anne update, post-Kriti Festival. I have caught up on my teaching, yay. The house is 4/5 clean -- aiming for clean by tomorrow. I have a massive pile of grading, and a really long and tedious piece of paperwork that I fear will take about 4-6 hours, so sadly, Wednesday is going to be dedicated to that, instead of what I want to do (reading / writing / gardening). But if I actually do it, then starting Thursday afternoon, maybe, or definitely Friday, I can get on what I hope will be my new post-quitting-third-of-job schedule, which will involve a lot more reading and writing.

Along with that is a get-healthier plan, hence the Fitbit (hit 10,000 steps by noon today, due to walking to the train instead of driving to work today). I had no energy / time / willpower for that in September, but am hoping that the job shift will help open up energy / time / willpower. :-) We'll see!

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