Kavi’s supposed to do 20…

Kavi's supposed to do 20 minutes of reading daily as part of her homework, and she's still finding it somewhat challenging -- it's work, not pure pleasure. Hopefully that'll change soon. But for now, when I have time, I try to let her read to me in the evening; she does much better with an audience.

Kavi's definitely becoming interested in books-as-objects -- yesterday, she made Anand a Mario & Luigi book, with cardboard covers and spine, and inside sheets of paper, including title page, 'this book belongs to' page, etc. And an actual illustrated story. It was ridiculously cute. Anand had a fever yesterday, and was feeling poorly overall, so we all piled into my bed for evening story time. It was nice; we should do this more often. More relaxing than evening Facebook, I have to say!

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