Very broken sleep last…

Very broken sleep last night, sigh -- first my own insomnia and cough, then Anand's cough. Trying to be productive today anyway. Spent the sleepy morning first knitting, then sorting kids' clothes for consignment. (New for us; we'll see how it goes. They grow so fast; it'd be nice to get some money back for the next round!) Warehouse 13 kept me entertaining company -- thanks to Kevin for figuring out that the last two seasons were free on Amazon (Hulu only lets you watch them on your computer, and Netflix only has the first three seasons). Light, enjoyable show, along the lines of Eureka, Fringe, Haven, etc.

Now Kat is dropping off 650 flyers for the Kriti Festival for me -- last two weeks are heavy-promotion times. I'm making pasta for me and the four kids (who are now playing in the backyard, enjoying a stunningly beautiful day), and will shortly be answering a long set of questions from India Abroad re: the festival, and then doing what is hopefully the final round of scheduling (adding in films and other small bits, reconciling conflicts). I'd really like to have a final schedule by tomorrow; we'll see if it happens, given that I'm so groggy today.

If I could just get eight hours of sleep a night, I swear, I could take over the world.

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