It’s Kevin’s birthday…

It's Kevin's birthday today, so we took him out for dinner. First, Kavya picked up Anand at preschool. (Ha ha.) Then we went to Lake Bar and Grill; I recommend the potatoes with spicy aioli. I'd picked up some desserts at Sugar Fixe earlier in the day, so we came home for the ceremonial singing of Happy Birthday (which was, frankly, terrible -- apparently, the kids and I need to practice singing together). And then we split the desserts. Kavya was not entirely thrilled by the chocolate bread pudding, but that was the only one Anand liked, so that worked out okay. The eclair is my favorite, and I think Kevin liked the key lime tart best, but honestly, they were really all pretty delicious.

I'm pretty sure that hat isn't going to fit you. No, see, it fits perfectly. Aiiii! I can't see! No, THIS is how it's supposed to go.

Kids, maybe daddy could have his birthday hat back?

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