First day of homework,…

First day of homework, second grade. No complaining yet. I hear third grade is where it starts getting really tough. We'll see how it goes. Kevin and I are fairly disinclined to make our kids do homework, given that research seems to indicate it doesn't do much good before 6th grade or so. But it's apparently school policy that if homework isn't finished, the kids work on it on recess. We are even more disinclined to have our kids miss recess. Hopefully, Kavi (and eventually Anand) will stay relatively cheerful about homework, and the workload will continue reasonable. If not -- well, we'll see. I am trying not to fight that battle before I have to.

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  1. In my experience as a parent, it is better to let children decide for themselves whether to do homework. If they miss recess once or twice, they will almost certainly decide on sensible priorities, and parents need not fight the battle at all.

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