So groggy today. I’ve…

So groggy today. I've been short on sleep for most of the week (with Kevin sick and Anand coughing and coming to our bed at night, there's been some nursing and extra child-minding). And, of course, first week of the semester is always harried, esp. with additional art exhibit hanging. Things should be calmer going forward. But I took NyQuil last night (in fact, I climbed out of bed at 10:10 and got in the car and drove to Jewel to buy NyQuil, got home at 10:30 and took it), and finally got ten hours of sleep. I woke up feeling rested for the first time in a week, but the drugs are still in my system and making me sludgy. Not going to try to accomplish much today, I think.

Plan for now: watch Voyager and knit. I also need to finish the dishes from last night's dinner with Miriam and family (staying with us for a few nights as they get Ellen settled into her second year at Columbia). If I get motivated at some point, there's laundry to put away, a basement to straighten up, and, of course, e-mail to answer. Endless e-mail.

Tomorrow, I'm dedicating to drafting the detailed Kriti schedule, assigning panelists to panels, etc. It's a several hour job, but is sort of of fun, in its own way. I'd do it today, but head is too fuzzy. Ditto re: writing. But I did make a few good novel notes last night, while waiting for the NyQuil to kick in. I think I know how to fix my traveling scene now, which is something.

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