Noticing once again the…

Noticing once again the effect of lack of sleep. I've just gone a little short on sleep the last three days -- just 7 hours instead of 8. And already, I'm eating much less healthily (because that's easier than prepping healthy food and also bread + curry just sounds better to tired brain than salad), and am having a much harder time maintaining work discipline.

I could've started writing at 7 this morning, but instead, I let Anand hang around at home until 8 while I puttered on Facebook, and then, even after I took him in, spent the next two hours on Facebook / watching tv. Oh, I straightened up a tiny bit, and I knit a few rows of Kavi's scarf. But I could've been, should've been, planned to be writing. Am finally getting annoyed enough at myself that I'm about to turn off Facebook and Hulu, which will hopefully coerce me into writing. But it feels like *so* much effort, and I think it just doesn't when I'm not sagging with just a little tiredness.

Tonight, early to bed. It means missing dinner at Mary Robinette Kowal's with a visiting K Tempest Bradford, but sleep -- sleep is crucial.

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