American Lit. syllabus…

American Lit. syllabus done. Is it the Platonic ideal of the American Lit. syllabus, the ur-syllabus that all others aspire to be? No, no, a thousand times no. Is it complete enough to serve as an initial guideline to the course, so that students can decide whether they might want to drop the class and run away, covering their eyes from the weight of the reading load? Understanding that it will likely be revised, and revised, and revised again, as the course progresses? Is it sufficient unto the day? Yes, yes it is. And so, my sweet ones, to bed.

I can always set the alarm to wake me at five a.m., so I can fret about it some more in the morning.

Also, John Casey is getting a chocolate bar tomorrow, as thank you for writing an awesomely organized and thorough syllabus that I 'borrowed' from heavily. Let it be known.

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