I don’t think the scale…

I don't think the scale of this comes across -- it's as big as my outstretched hand. Admittedly, my hands are small, but I was delighted to see this butterfly on my butterfly bush.

Adolescent bunny, I think, with geraniums, alyssum, artemesia, dead nettle, pulmonary, ivy, grass.

This is not the prettiest view, but that's the point -- there's a rather ugly apartment building RIGHT next to us; I'm trying to grow a Limelight Hydrangea to block the view of their glassed in entryway. More privacy for them, and for us. This is the first year it's bloomed (about three years old); it should eventually be almost twice that tall, I think.

Tiny white Darlow's Enigma roses, going strong for months.

Having pulled a lot of weeds (which Kavi LOVES doing), they are making weed soup.

Isn't that Rozanne geranium just a perfect shade of purple-blue?

Hydrangea close-up. Delicate veining.

The butterfly bush has lots of pleasing purple, but is a bit unruly, a big floppy tangle. I guess that's just how they are? Seems like there should be a way to enhance this display.

Bee, globe thistle. I love this shot.

Veronica, still going strong. Months of bloom, v. nice.

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