Home again, home again….

Home again, home again. I'm swamped with course prep this week, for my new course; the more I do now, the less I'll be improvising as I go. I dislike changing the syllabus ten times during the semester, though of course, a certain flexibility is also valuable, esp. with a new course, when you may mis-estimate how much time they need for various texts, etc.

I've decided to turn off Facebook from morning to dinnertime; it was taking too much of my time. But that said, most of my WorldCon notes and photos are trapped on Facebook at the moment; it was easier to post there than here, and I had spotty internet in England, so I didn't duplicate seamlessly as much as I normally do. Expect that some time in the next day or two there'll be a massive copy-over of WorldCon details. But in brief; I was sick the whole time, which was annoying as heck, but managed to mostly have a really good time despite that, due mostly to NyQuil, Chesty Cough, and Strepsils cough drops. The panels were overall terrific, and I managed at least a few conversations with old friends.

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