Folks, along with my…

Folks, along with my mostly-off-Facebook break (at least by comparison to how much time I'd been spending on it), I think I'm going to take a break from engaging in social justice conversations for a while. They are so important, but also so exhausting, so draining, so all-consuming. It would be easy for them to take over my life, and right now, I can't even talk about WisCon, much less Ferguson, without tearing up.

I think this is what they call burnout. I'm writing a war novel, and I think researching that's going to consume my full allotment of misery and horror. If I post to Facebook in the next few months, expect it to mostly be garden photos, writing updates, and cute kid stories.

That's the goal, anyway; we'll see if I can manage it. When I'm not feeling so battered, I'll be back.

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