Finished chapter 5 and…

Finished chapter 5 and part 1 today, whee! 21,000 words total, so it's unlikely that I'm going to manage my self-imposed deadline of 100,000 words by the end of the summer. Although you never know -- I wrote 3,000 words today. Classes start in 25 days, so 79 / 25 = about 3000 words / day. Totally do-able, except for that pesky trip to London for WorldCon for a week in the middle of that. Ah well.

I am still doing a little happy dance that I got to the end of Part I. And it has a big arc, and lots of little arcs, and I am falling in love with my characters, and they have many and varied motivations for their actions, and there are no absolute villains (although some do behave villainously at times), and there may even be a few themes lurking below the surface. Like sharks. A fine place to be in a first draft. :-)

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