Lazy morning so far….

Lazy morning so far. Anand got me up a little earlier than I wanted, but probably it's good for getting me back on a non-jet-lagged schedule. Watched a Voyager episode while groggily knitting the next few rows of Kavi's owl sweater -- I'm halfway through the owls at the yoke, so almost done! May even finish today; stay tuned. Though I may need to go get buttons for the eyes, depending on what's in my button box. Leftover curry for breakfast, always good, and then I went out to water the garden before it got hot. Flower photos soon.

Made tea with my birthday present from Kevin, a futuristic tea-maker with visible moving components -- first it boils the water, then the tea in its canister *descends* into the boiling water for three minutes, then it *rises* again. The tea it makes is very good, even if it does also make me laugh at the whole process. It also has a 'keep warm' setting and can be programmed the night before, so the tea is ready when you wake up. If only it could milk and sugar it and bring it to me in bed

Now, feed the children, then we have a date to spend two hours cleaning the playroom. If they do a good job, they get pancakes for lunch and an afternoon playdate with Michael and Alex. We'll see.

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