Accomplishments for the…

Accomplishments for the day: Weeded approximately 1/20th of front yard. An hour of work; at this rate, I'll be done by winter. Watered the parched areas -- a few hours before a thunderstorm. Grocery run, fed family, also Kat's family, so that was an actual accomplishment. Although two of the four children mostly refused dinner and ate plain pasta instead. Answered about 1/10th of the e-mails I'd planned to answer today. Cleaned up first floor -- two to go. Unpacked one suitcase and two backpacks; one suitcase and one backpack to go. Did day 1 of ab challenge, in solidarity with Jessie who had it prescribed by her doctor -- except couldn't really do actual sit-ups or leg raises, so only did cheater's version. SLOW day. Hopefully I will move faster tomorrow.

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