Should be sleepy (and…

Should be sleepy (and sleeping), but oddly not. Another Voyager and some knitting will hopefully do it. Just watched "The Gift," and actually got a bit teary. (Episode where Kes leaves and 7 of 9 joins the crew.) Could also write, but the things I write when I'm half-asleep are pretty incoherent.

I wrote the next scene in the novel this morning -- only 800 words, but an action scene I was nervous about writing, so I am patting myself on the back for that. Hey, how long, very roughly, might you apply pressure to a brute force head wound before the bleeding stopped? Is ten minutes at all plausible? It could be longer, but I'd prefer it not to be too much longer.

"Maya washed her hands, mechanically, soaping them over and over, trying to get the last little bits of blood out from under her fingernails. Blood had spattered the white dress while she worked, ruining the delicate embroidery and beadwork."

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