What did we do before…

What did we do before selfies? We had to harass our friends if we wanted to indulge our narcissism. Me at 43.

Simon and Sarah, Kerensa and Thida. Today's birthday party felt a lot like a reunion from the three years I lived in the Bay Area (1996 - 1999). We're all much the same as fifteen years ago, with the addition of some pounds, some grey hairs, and some awesome children (all three unevenly distributed). Also, generally a much stronger sense of ourselves. I think we win. Heather and Nalo, foreground, Diana and Jim in the back. Shannon with baby Avi, wearing a proud U Chicago shirt. Kavya teaches Susan and Debbie Kid Carcassone.

Last pics from the party. Heather and River in adorably matching geeky t-shirts. Anand first climbs on Nalo's head (sorry!) and then I'm afraid may have kicked her. He thought it was funny; we're working on it. Jed and Simon build an elaborate pyramid, which unfortunately didn't survive long. And finally, me and Arthur. I think we're greying at a comparable rate.

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