3480 words today –…

3480 words today -- that's the most I've written in a day in a long time. They came fast and easy, which I have to say, makes me nervous. I've spent so long fighting the books I was trying to write; it feels weird that this one is flowing so well right now. I know, I know -- I should shut up and be grateful. I am.

I'm at right about 15,000 words overall; by the end of the week, I'm hoping to be at 20K, and the end of Part 1. At which point I'll send it to a few people to read and immediately freak out fretting about whether they like it or not. Kat has been reading scene by scene as I write them and making little encouraging noises, which is very helpful.

When my agent first suggested writing a nice thick book, maybe around 100,000 words, I felt a little panicked. And it's still a long way from 20K to 100K. But it's not feeling quite as impossible now. Whether I'll draft all that by the end of the summer.well, we'll see. I have an early American Lit syllabus to finish prepping too. :-)

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