Feeling harried — we’re…

Feeling harried -- we're leaving town for two weeks on Sunday (to visit Kev's family, California, here we come!), and, of course, there are kazillion things to do before then. Get house and yard in order (esp. set up watering system so Kat, who is house-sitting, has a chance of keeping the yard from frying to a crisp). Get Kriti Festival Kickstarter set up over the weekend, so, if Amazon is speedy on their account verification, Neha can launch it early next week. (We're hoping to raise enough to bring out an agent / editor + hire a professional videographer.) Get WisCon Chronicles call revised and out -- that should happen today. Mail Kindle to my mom, which involves calling Amazon and getting her a new account and such. Sort a pile of laundry (clean, at least), so I can pack clothes for me and the kids for the trip. Just.stuff, you know? I also would like to write and/or exercise, but that may need to wait a day. And lunch date scheduled with Kev today, which I would rather not miss. Starting to skip your weekly date on the second week doesn't bode well for the plan, y'know? :-)

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